The Path of Beauty & Starseed Gardens


The Tropic of Charisma

3 Day Charismatic Training


A Deep Impact Breathing Ritual

May 22, 23,24 2015
Starseed Gardens Byron Bay

With Dr G Lahood & Friends


Our workshop begins with an exploration & celebration of “Charisma” (meaning: Personal Dynamic Presence that empowers others).

On Saturday we move into a holotropic / shamanic breath ritual with the power to release long held pain from perinatal and personal dimensions and facilitates a transpersonal opening. We end the group with a celebratory medicine lodge poured in the Sweet Medicine tradition.

G. Lahood is a refined transpersonal teacher who facilitates in a relaxed way from comprehensive therapeutic ground. G trained with Stan Grof, the worldʼs leading LSD/entheogenic researcher 25 years ago. G is a cultural anthropologist and psychotherapist. G has been practicing his art for 30 years. He has also lectured on the relationship between childbirth, midwifery shamanism and ritual healing.

Price: $499 (early bird) $399 by May 1      May 22, 23,24 2015     Starseed Gardens Byron Bay
Contact: G Lahood 0431112514 or